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Marketing Research & Analysis Consultancy

We are experts at reaching out to Decision-makers in the Manufacturing Industry. Diversity Online is an experts at deciphering complex industry structures and sophisticated product applications. We use cutting-edge methods to elicit customer insights that influence purchasing decisions and brand preference. To size and segment the competitive landscape, we create analytical models. To gather competitive insights, we hire professional B2B research consultants.
We are one of the few global strategy consultants that focuses solely on competitive strategies, in which products and solutions compete for customers. We are not the firm for you if you need an IT strategy, operational improvement, or human resources strategy. Our clients consider us the go-to-firm for go-to-market strategies because we apply our expertise in market research and analysis to support strategic decision-making. We also distinguish ourselves from boutique strategy consultancies by emphasizing strategic positioning over planning. If you want a mission statement, goals, and objectives that no one will ever refer to after the flip charts are taken down, this is the place to be.

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Marketing Research Analysis & Specific Group Services
Analisys of Financial Documents
Business Consulting

Diversity Online provides its clients with in-depth market knowledge.

Product Performance and Analytics

Based on performance growth rate for the social media platforms parameters as well as its market performance.

Peer Analysis

Our analysts do a thorough peer review of other businesses that provide similar goods and services.

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Channel Analytics Service

Diversity Online provides targeted channel evaluation, and you can contact us for Distribution Network Analysis.

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Product Analysis Solutions

The report's findings must be implemented at each and every stage of the product lifecycle.

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Our Methodology

Diversity Online Custom peer groups for a specific customer are part of our technique and methodology.